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Fertilization and soil chemical modification

tree in cement cut out

If there are no funds to conduct a monitoring and treatment program in alkaline soil for micronutrient deficiencies only plant trees tolerant of alkaline soil. If a tree (for example pin oak or queen palm) that is not tolerant of alkaline soil has to be planted in a soil with alkaline pH for historic or other special reasons, then be prepared to conduct a regular monitoring and treatment program designed to prevent micronutrient deficiencies.

There is nothing too terribly wrong with this approach provided the landscape designer is prepared to conduct an educational session with the client to make it clear that this is a special, exceptionally high-maintenance planting. If the client is unable to conduct this type program for the life of the tree, then a more appropriate species should be chosen.

It is the responsibility of the person specifying plant material to conduct this training with the client and make appropriate choices. Since this is a recognized, established principle, anything less than this could be considered malpractice.