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Example 11

Before reduction

before reduction

The double leader (codominant stem) is quite noticable before pruning. Reducing its length back to a live lateral branch pointed away from the leader will 1) encourage growth in the leader located in the center of the tree and 2) increase canopy spread by directing growth in this major limb away from the leader. This limb is about 5 feet from the ground and will become the lowest branch in the permanent nursery canopy. The large branch on the right side of the canopy is too low be become part of the canopy so it will be shortened.

After reduction

after reduction

The left stem was shortened with a reduction cut back to a live lateral branch pointed away from the stem. This will slow its growth allowing the leader to dominate the structure. The aggressive branch on the right side was dramatically shortened. This should prevent it from becoming a major limb in the permanent nursery canopy but allow the sprouts from the cut to fill the right side of the tree. There would have been a large void in the canopy if the branch was removed entirely. Long branches were shortened slightly in the upper portion of the lower 5 feet of the tree.