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Mature tree pruning discussion

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100' tall oak that requires little or no pruning. There is one leader to the top and the crown is borne on branches with a small aspect ratio. No branches extend beyond the main body of the crown.

The longest two limbs at the top of the tree can be reduced in length to reduce their likelihood of failure.

The codominant stem makes this tree weaker than a tree with one leader. Reduce the right codominant stem and some upright stems borne on the left codominant stem. The canopy can be reduced on the lower left as well.

Four main stems originate from the same spot of the trunk. Reduce the left two stems to bring mas closer to the trunk.

All stems originate from the same point on top of a 12' tall trunk. This was the top of the tree when it was planted a long time ago so this poor form could have been prevented by pruning at planting. Most stems can be reduced now in order to reduce the likelihood of parts breaking.

Top of this oak was broken out in a storm. Low branches responded by growing aggressively. Now the left three branches are growing to be quite long. Each can be reduced in length to bring the mass closer to the trunk.