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Neighbor's tree causing problems

trees next to house

There are many instances where a neighbor's tree may be overhanging your property causing damage, harm, or inconvenience. Roots may be surfacing in your garden or lawn disrupting mowing or gardening. Or you might think that roots from a neighbor's tree are raising your foundation.

Treatment: Begin by having a discussion with your neighbor who owns the tree to attempt to come to a mutually beneficial solution. This may be easy or impossible depending on the problem. Perhaps the tree can be pruned in some fashion to effect a solution agreeable to both of you. If this does not work and discussion breaks down, notify your attorney.

In many instances, the tree can be pruned by you provided you do the following: 1) provide advanced notice to your neighbor in the form of a registered letter, 2) do not break the peace, 3) do not trespass, and 4) make an appropriate pruning cut back no farther than the property line.