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Podocarpus nagi, Nagi Podocarpus

Growing well in full sun, partial or deep shade, Nagi Podocarpus tolerates a wide range of well-drained soils. Established trees grow well with no irrigation. Plants will show nutrient deficiencies on alkaline soils. The most common symptom is a wide yellow band or stripe across the leaves, commonly attributed to magnesium deficiency.

This is a tough tree that adapts to conditions thrown at it by well-drained urban sites. Create a more open canopy by removing some main branches from the trunk so those that remain can become well secured to the tree. Nagi Podocarpus could make a good street tree but has not been tried to any great extent. Eliminate or shorten with reduction cuts branches with narrow angles of attachment in favor of those with a wider angle.

Nagi Podocarpus Photos

Nagi Podocarpus

Nagi Podocarpus

Nagi Podocarpus

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