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Cocculus laurifolius, Snailseed

Makes a large, dense screen. Be sure your landscape will accommodate this large shrub, or you will be pruning yearly to keep it in bounds. One of the winners of Florida's first superior plants award. Commonly grown in the southwest US, new to Florida. All plant parts are suspected as poisonous. Pollen from male plants cause allergenic reactions; females produce no pollen.

This plant can be grown as a multi-trunk tree for use in highway median strips and in landscapes, or can be used as a street tree where there is not a need for tall-vehicle clearance beneath the crown. The small stature and low, spreading, branching habit makes pruning for vehicular clearance difficult unless it is properly trained from an early age to develop one main trunk. The effort required initially to train this tree for street tree use, however, may be offset by its advantages.

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