University of Florida

Introducing Plant Tissue Culture in the Classroom

Teacher’s Workshop Program

Dr. Mike Kane
Environmental Horticulture Department
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
July 18-20, 2011

Workshop Overview

The overall objective of the workshop is to provide instructional resources, conceptual background information and hands-on laboratory experiences to facilitate the incorporation of plant tissue culture (micropropagation) into classroom curricula in the most cost efficient manner.


Primary focus is on grade school science, vocational agriculture and college faculty. However, depending on availability of space, non-teachers wanting a hands-on experience will be allowed to register.

Instructional Objectives

Upon completion participants will:

  • Understand the principles and concepts of plant tissue culture, specifically micropropagation
  • Be familiar with the laboratory and greenhouse procedures and equipment used to propagate plants using micropropagation
  • Have instructional materials including PowerPoint lectures, laboratory exercises and other informational resources that can be used in the classroom
  • Know where to obtain supplies to economically and successfully teach plant tissue culture in the classroom
  • Receive specialized, hands-on training completing several reliable laboratory exercises
  • Observe the commercial application of the technology by visiting a commercial plant micropropagation laboratory