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Dr. Pérez aims to guide students to an understanding of concepts and proficiency in applications through active and inquiry-based lessons. Lessons developed for any course are student-focused rather than teacher-centered. In this regard, students are not passively receiving information, but are required to openly practice their thinking.


  • PLS 3223 Plant Propagation (co-requisite: PLS3223L) - Offered every fall. This course explores the physiological and anatomical underpinnings of sexual and asexual plant propagation in a dynamic and active classroom setting. Principles and practices of propagation via vegetative propagules, grafting, layering and seeds are covered.
  • PLS3223L Plant Propagation Lab (co-requisite PLS 3223) - Offered every fall. Students practice the art and science of various propagation methods through this hands-on lab.  Students are challenged to link theory, practice and critical thinking through the production of various forms of scientific communication including: 1) a lab report written in scientific journal format; 2) a scientific poster presentation; and 3) a computer-aided oral presentation. Field trips to commercial propagation facilities are also included. Students provide a critical assessment of their field trip experiences.
  • PLS522C Propagation of Horticultural Crops - Offered ever fall. For graduate students who have not taken PLS3223/L. Theoretical and practical applications of macro-propagation techniques of higher plants. Graduate students must complete a special project.
  • ORH4932 Public Gardens Management - Pre-requisites: ORH 3513 Environmental Plant Identification & Use. This is a fieldbased course focusing on first hand observation and evaluation of public gardens. Students interact directly with executive-level garden administrators to develop an understanding of important, timely themes related to the operation and management of public gardens. Students are expected to attend multiday field trips across Florida.

Planned Course Offerings

  • Graduate Survey of Seed Biology


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Associate Professor, Seed Biology, Plant Conservation and Restoration