Dr. Edward F. Gilman


ORH 4242,Arboriculture

I taught this elective course 11 times since beginning at University of Florida, three times within the timeframe of this review. Students from various departments enroll including Environmental Horticulture, Horticultural Sciences, Forestry, and Landscape Architecture.


Course Description: This arboriculture survey course introduces concepts of tree care including propagating, nursery growing, planting, and management of established and mature trees in urban and suburban settings. Urban design and soil management concepts are introduced so students have a working knowledge of the site attributes leading to healthy and stable trees. Basic diagnostic and pest management concepts with many examples are an integral part of weekly laboratory exercises. Three written term papers emphasize understanding a chosen scientific manuscript and communicating tree management plans to customers.


Course improvement: Dropped the textbook requirement and replaced it with reading and exercises from the Arboriculture web site ( which is updated and added to on a regular basis. This well-illustrated 3,000 plus page web site (thoroughly indexed) isan instructor-guided, self-learning resource for students enrolled in the arboriculture coarse. Clemson University, Rutgers University, and a number of college instructors from other Universities also use this web site as a text book replacement for their students in Arboriculture and related courses.

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Professor - Urban Trees and Landscape Plants