Dr. Michael E. Kane

Distinguished Teaching Scholar and Professor

Dr. Michael Kane has teaching and research responsibilities in plant tissue culture. He teaches courses in plant propagation, micropropagation and graduate student professional development. He is very active in mentoring both undergraduate and graduate students many of whom conduct award winning research.

As manager of the Plant Restoration Conservation and Propagation Biotechnology Program, his research focus is centered on development of commercially viable in vitro culture protocols for genotypic selection and production of aquatic/wetland, coastal plants and native orchids.  Major activities include native orchid research with emphasis on field reproductive ecology, in vitro asymbiotic and symbiotic seed culture and storage. Procedures to effectively reintroduce orchid species back into their native habitats are also being evaluated. The ultimate goal is to development ecologically-sound management plans for native orchid conservation. This research is conducted in collaboration with the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, botanic gardens, native plant nurseries and research institutions.

Besides publishing research based referred papers, he frequently publishes chapters in plant tissue culture teaching textbooks and laboratory exercises in refereed journals. He has organized many laboratory teaching exercise symposia nation-wide and offers a four-day hands-on plant tissue culture workshop for teachers each summer in Gainesville, Florida.




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Dr. Michael E. Kane