Raymond Odeh

Environmental Horticulture, M.S.

In May 2016, Raymond completed his bachelor’s degree in Plant Science with an emphasis on landscape and nursery horticulture.  Continuing at UF for his Master’s program, Ray’s research focuses on people-plant interactions with applications in horticultural therapy and consumer preferences for plant products.  Ray has a vested interest in volunteer work at Wilmot Gardens Therapeutic Horticulture program, and plans to execute his thesis work in collaboration with Wilmot and researchers in the medical and social sciences.  His career goals include continuing his line of research focused on understanding the health benefits of gardening, teaching courses related to plants and human health, and developing evidence-based horticultural therapy programs for individuals with specialized needs.  When Ray is out of the office, you can catch him enjoyinglocal green spaces or gardening at home.

Advisers: Dr. Charles Guy

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Raymond Odeh