Nicholas Genna

Ph.D. student

Nicholas Genna is a doctoral student in the Environmental Horticulture Department under the advisement of Dr. Héctor E. Pérez. Nicholas has attended the University of Florida since 2009 and has since obtained a bachelor’s in biology and a master’s in environmental horticulture. Nicholas’s non-horticultural background in biology is a driving force behind his motivation to ask basic scientific questions that address current research gaps in seed biology. One such gap is the potential for a within-species mass-based aging response in seeds. As a master’s student, Nicholas found that the mass-based germination behavior of Rudbeckia mollis (Asteraceae) seeds transitioned from similar to dissimilar with age. Now, Nicholas is continuing this research as a doctoral student where he is focusing on how intraspecific seed mass variation modulates seed deterioration in situ and ex situ. Nicholas’ work has natural implications in understanding how seed mass contributes to microevolution in plants and anthropocentric implications in understanding how seed mass modulates viability loss in long-term storage. At the conclusion of his education, Nicholas hopes to work in some capacity to conserve resources and biodiversity by advancing mankind’s scientific understanding of the natural world.

Adviser: Dr. Hector Perez

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Nicholas Genna