Jamielyn Daugherty

Ph.D. Environmental Horticulture

Upon completing my Bachelors’ degree I traveled to New Zealand for graduate school. I wanted to travel and work towards eventually becoming a Professor in environmental topics.  After graduating with my Master's degree I entered the forestry field as a forester for the NYC Department of Park and Recreation. I later moved into a position as a Utility Arborist and Hazard tree inspector for utility lines. Throughout my time in the forestry field, I rediscovered my love of teaching. I was offered a job as a Biology Instructor at a small college near my hometown in Florida. After spending a few years at that school I moved to my current school working as a full-time Biology Instructor in environmental topics. I always planned on getting a Ph.D. so that I could become a Professor. Once I was able to find an advisor that would work with me so that I would not have to quit my dream job, I was able to start with the UF program. I am interested in evaluating, and optimizing the scholarship of teaching and learning within the Environmental Horticulture field. While doing this I will get to work with students at my school, and at UF on various projects. I am very excited about this program and my future in the field.

Adviser: Dr. Brian Pearson 

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Jamielyn Daugherty