George Alexander Grant

Environmental Horticulture, Ph.D.

As I consider the future of plant production, I look forward to new adventures within academia and industry. During my graduate program, I intend to develop and improve my scholarship as a student representing the University of Florida. By watching others, I will develop and refine my own professional and personable style of communication to increase clarity, efficacy, and my ability to lead people of all educational backgrounds. My doctoral research involves the optimization of tissue culture acclimation using environmentally controlled vertical farming methods. At the same time, my goal is to help horticulture make important strides in addressing the concerns of our ever-growing global population of consumers by implementing automation into the green industry. This includes providing valuable training to undergraduate students wanting to develop a career in plant science. As a graduate student, I am seeking experiences and responsibilities, which will enable me to contribute to the community of global scholars and plant producers. By concentrating my studies on the optimization of young plant production, I hope to make a significant contribution for generations to come.

Advisers: Dr. Paul R. Fisher & Dr. Celina gomez

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George Grant

George Grant