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I have been chair of the Florida chapter ISA education committee since its inception in 1997 which designs and executes an average of 18 all-day seminars ISA/IFAS annually in Florida as well as one 4-day annual conference called Trees Florida. This annual conference moves from city to city each year. The mission of the ISA is to conduct research and education for arborists and related professions so it mixes well with the mission of the University. The second large extension partner is the Florida Growers and Landscape Association which has cosponsored The Great Southern Tree Conference with IFAS in Gainesville since the year 2000. This major event brings an average of 312 professionals annually to our campus demonstration site. The time I spend with these groups pays dividends in that the University and our programs have greater exposure to our clientele. I suspect that the time I spend here is similar to the time spent on managing a state major program. About every other day I perform some task for these two partnerships.

My Extension program is well funded and recognized throughout Florida and the US. This occurred due to a continued presence at conferences, research and extension publications, well organized industry co-sponsored educational programs, and a comprehensive web site that is regularly updated. I spend a total of about 40 days in teaching and related activities in Florida off campus plus travel time; 25 days are for landscape related programs and 15 are for programs directed to growers. I conduct educational programs in all the major urban Florida counties and those counties that contain a significant nursery and landscape industry. In addition to the thousands of pages of .html-formatted web pages (at the Landscape Plants and my other web sites) which receive a documented (Google statistics) more than 25,000 page views monthly, the 20 narrated PowerPoint presentations on the web site help me deliver more information to customers through the county faculty. Professionals and colleagues throughout the nation also download my PowerPoint presentations and present them to various groups. At almost every seminar I deliver, someone in the audience tells me how much they appreciate this service.

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Professor Emeritus Dr. Edward Gilman