Dr. Charles L. Guy

Assistant Chairman and Professor, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

Current Research Interests: Dr. Guy is interested in two divergent project areas: people-plant interactions, and the biochemical and molecular responses of plants to unfavorable temperature conditions.  Dr. Guy works with collaborators to better understand how engaging in horticultural activities provides therapeutic benefit to people through horticultural therapy.  Humanity co-evolved close relationships with plants that predate recorded history, and modern technology and methods now make it possible to seek a quantitative understanding of how engaging in horticultural activities alters our brain activity and function.  Ideally, it should be possible to determine which horticultural activities and plants have the greatest benefit for a given therapeutic need.  Dr. Guy also seeks to better understand how plants respond to temperature stress, particularly how they cope with freezing stress.  The rationale for seeking a better understanding of how plants respond to stressful temperature conditions is predicated on the possibility that better strategies to mitigate crop losses can be devised. Our approach has ranged from whole plant physiology to the molecular biology of the gene.




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Dr. Charles L. Guy