University of Florida

James E. Barrett


Environmental Horticulture Dept.
University of Florida
2543 Fifield Hall, PO Box 110670
Gainesville FL 32611-0670

Phone: (352) 273-4568
Fax: (352) 392-3870

Professional Background


  • Ph.D. Horticultural Science (Michigan State Univ.), 1978
  • M.S. Vegetable Crops (Auburn Univ.), 1973
  • B.S. Agricultural Science (Auburn Univ.), 1970


Teaching responsibilities include Introduction to Greenhouse and Nursery Operations, a four-credit course required of all students, and Advanced Crop Production, a course for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Research responsibilities involve flowering potted crops and bedding plants. About half of the work is directed at developing information the use of plant growth regulators for size control. The growth regulator research includes evaluations of new chemicals and application procedures, and studies sponsored by chemical companies to expand label information to more crops. Additional research activities include poinsettia production problems, environmental factors involved in production of floriculture crops, and developing crop cultural information


The research program addresses current environmental and cultural problems in the production of greenhouse flowering crops. Emphasis is placed on evaluation of plant growth regulators and factors affecting chemical efficacy. Environmental studies center on plant water requirements and heatstress.

Selected Publications

  • Barrett, JE, Bartuska, CA, and Nell, TA 1994. Efficacy of uniconazole on chrysanthemum altered by spray volume, timing, and site of application. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. In press.
  • Barrett, JE and Nell, TA 1990. Factors affecting efficacy of paclobutrazol and uniconazole on petunia and chrysanthemum.Acta Hort. 272: 229-234.
  • Barrett, JE and Nell TA 1992. Mechanical stress and droughtstress effects on height control in greenhouse crops. Proc.Plant Growth Reg. Soc. Amer. 18: 46-51.
  • Barrett, JE and Nell, TA 1992. Efficacy of paclobutrazol anduniconazole on four bedding plant species. HortScience27(8): 896-897.
  • Barrett, JE and Holcomb, EJ 1993. Growth regulating chemicals.pp 65-74. In. Geraniums IV. J. White (ed.), BallPublishing, West Chicago, IL.