Two New Courses Offered by Environmental Horticulture


ORH 3815/5817C: Florida Native Landscaping landscape

Spring 2018

Native Plant Identification, Propagation, and Landscape Use

Wednesdays 2-6pm in room PSF5 

Instructor: Dr. Sandra Wilson

Contact Dr. Wilson at for further information


Amy Vasquez at to enroll

ORH 4932: Sensory Gardening ORH4932 image

Spring 2018 – 2 Credits

Tuesdays Periods 4 & 5 or Thursdays Periods 4 & 5

*Love plants? Want to learn more? This class is for you!

*New hands-on interdisciplinary course.

*Learn how our senses of taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing work with the plant kingdom.

*Lectures cover the environment, horticulture, the arts, history, business, anthropology, sociology . . . you name it!

*Labs will be interactive: planting gardens, conducting experiments, taking field trips, and so much more!


Taught by Dr. John Peterson, Professor of Horticulture… Director of UF Plant Science Major, former Botanical Garden Director and Department Head at Cal Poly State Univ.

Contact Dr. Peterson at for further information


Amy Vasquez at to enroll