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Agricultural/Food Scientist II

  • Provide (directly or indirectly, as time and resources permit) the requested level of project assistance that facilitates the timely completion of extension and research projects. Specifically, this would include the following:  Implement and oversee garden development, plantings, collections, installations, accessioning and maintenance in Gardens of the Big Bend, including the NAPCC National Magnolia Collection; this includes digging, moving soil, planting, weeding, pruning plants and applying pesticides and herbicides, working with volunteers, faculty, farm and other staff as needed.
  • Implement lab, greenhouse, nursery, landscape and field projects (including procuring plants and supplies, offsite field surveys or plots, plot layout, planting (digging holes and planting in the ground, or re-potting plants into containers as large as 45-gallon pots), treatment applications, data collection and cultural practices needed to sustain each project, including pesticide applications); develop written reports as needed; oversee day-to-day operation of projects, working with volunteers, faculty, farm and other staff as needed.
  • Provide assistance with the planning, preparation, and execution of extension-related resources, activities, and functions.
  • Conduct literature searches, perform appropriate statistical analysis of data and assist with manuscript/presentation preparation.
  • Implement greenhouse, nursery, landscape and field projects related to Rosa species and the rose industry, including collaborations with plant pathologists.
  • Perform related work as required.


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A&R Greens Nursery Inc. Seeks Motivated Individual for Nursery Duties

Nursery duties would include...

Generally, anything involving the healthy, successful growth of plants. 

Specializing in herbs, annuals, perennials.

Potting, pruning, propagation, fertilizing, pulling orders, routine grounds maintenance, delivery, infrastructure upkeep, etc.

A&R Greens Nursery Inc. would like help from individuals who would genuinely like to pursue a career in the horticulture field. A&R Greens Nursery Inc. is growing quite rapidly with limitless potential and is in need of people who are interested in sticking it out with their team to help the company grow. 

Amir Reoven
(352) 214-5700