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Environmental Horticulture

Environmental Horticulture

Dr. Sandra Wilson

Professor / Environmental Horticulture

Dr. Wilson’s primary research effort is to characterize the invasive potential of ornamental plants and their cultivars. This includes physiological studies on carbon allocation, photosynthesis, and nutrient use efficiency under varying conditions. Also, this research focuses on seed bank existence, seed viability, and germination in controlled growth chamber conditions as well as field conditions. In coordination with ornamental plant breeders, we evaluate new sterile cultivars that have superior flower and form without potential to escape cultivation. In coordination with ecologists, we evaluate seed and plug establishment of potential native revegetation candidate’s and their ability to compete with future invasions. Dr. Wilson’s secondary research effort focuses on identifying novel native plants for landscape use and to elucidate their propagation and production methods for commercial application.


    Invasive ornamentals, Native propagation

    Dr. Sandra Wilson is a Professor of Environmental Horticulture at the University of Florida's main campus in Gainesville. She received B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Delaware and a Ph.D. in Plant Physiology from Clemson University. Dr. Wilson completed postdoctoral studies at both Clemson University and Chiba University, Japan.

    Dr. Wilson teaches courses on Florida Native Landscaping, Plant Propagation, and Annual and Perennial Gardening. She has been recognized nationally for her scholarship in teaching and development of interactive online materials on plant propagation, plant family classification and greenhouse education. This includes honors such as The ASHS Outstanding Graduate Educator Award in 2018 and the International Plant Propagator’s Society Fellow Award in 2018.

    Dr. Wilson's research focuses on (1) propagation and evaluation of native plants and (2) characterizing the invasive potential of ornamental plants in Florida. Her training and expertise encompass numerous aspects of plant production including techniques to overcome seed dormancy, evaluation of containerized media, optimizing plant growth under varying environmental conditions, and trialing of new plants in the landscape.

    Throughout her career, Dr. Wilson has formally advised 42 graduate students. She takes a hands-on approach to their course scheduling, research advising, teaching involvement, publishing, grant writing, and career placement. Her teaching and research programs have generated millions of dollars in extramural grant funding and authorship of more than 140 refereed publications and proceedings. Recently, she has become the newest co-author of the 9th edition world standard textbook, Hartmann and Kester's Plant Propagation: Principles and Practices

    Courses Taught

    • ORH5817C Advance Florida Native Landscaping
    • PLS5222C  Advance Plant Propagation
    • ORH 4804/5026C Annual and Perennial Gardening

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