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Environmental Horticulture

Environmental Horticulture

Dr. Rosanna Freyre

Professor / Ornamental Breeding and Genetics

Dr. Freyre develops new annual and perennial cultivars of ornamental plants. She uses classical breeding methods of hybridization and selection, and also develops polyploid plants using chemical treatments.  During her career, she has released new cultivars of AnagallisBrowalliaNolana and Ruellia that are commercially available.  Her current focus is to develop new cultivars of Ruellia that have highly reduced fertility and are non-invasive through seed dispersal in a variety of flower colors and growth forms. 

hortscience journal

The article Fruitless Ruellia simplex ‘R12-2-1’ (Mayan Compact Purple) by Rosanna Freyre, Zhanao Deng, Gary Knox, Steven Montalvo and Victor Zayas, which describes breeding and release of the fourth sterile Mexican petunia cultivar from UF, is highlighted in the August 2016 issue of HortScience journal

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Rosanna Freyre

Environmental Horticulture
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