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Environmental Horticulture Graduate Program

Environmental Horticulture Graduate Program

Graduate Forms

Important Forms for the Environmental Horticulture Grad Student

Graduate Departmental Application pdf

Right-click and download before filling the following three links. Do not fill, sign, or save in the browser.

Graduate Assistant Performance Evaluation

Individual Development Plan Year One

Individual Development Plan Year Two thru Four

HOS6905 Independent Study Contract Form

Graduate Exit Interview 

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Jasper Joiner Graduate Student Travel Scholarship Application

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide funding to help defray expenses for graduate students presenting a paper or poster at a national or international professional meeting or conference. The ENH department named this scholarship after the late Dr. Jasper Joiner, a distinguished teacher, and researcher in the Environmental Horticulture Department, who established the endowment to fund these scholarships.


Only graduate students enrolled in the Environmental Horticulture graduate program (HSE) are eligible to apply. Students must make a presentation (oral or poster) on their original research at a national or international meeting or conference and must have the support of their major advisor to attend. Students are eligible for one travel scholarship per fiscal year.


If you plan to travel between these dates

Then submit your application by

January 1st – June 30th

November 1st

July 1st – December 31st

May 1st



The exact number and amounts of scholarships depend on the total funds available. However, the department anticipates awarding up to eight $300 scholarships annually. Students are encouraged to seek funding from multiple sources.

Form 1 Supervisory Committee

Form 2 Non-thesis

Form 2 Thesis

Form 2 PhD

Graduate Registration Request Form

FedEx Shipment Request

Please complete this form and bring it with you when requesting a package that is being shipped via FedEx.

Room and/or Teleconference Reservation Request

Please complete this form when you need to either reserve one of the conference rooms and/or the Polycom.

Request to Walk Out-Of-Term in Commencement

Grad Student Profile Page Content Map

Complete  this form and email to

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Mallory.