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Environmental Horticulture Management

Certificate Description: All of the courses in the Environmental Horticulture Management undergraduate certificate program are offered online for statewide delivery. The goal is to provide students a background in sustainable ornamental horticulture practices used in the greenhouse/nursery and/or landscape industries.  The emphasis will be on conservation of resources through proper plant management, and offers an alternative to individuals who want career advancement but do not need a BS degree.

Amount of Credit: 15

Requirements:  Fifteen credits to be chosen by the student and advisor from the list of courses below.  Students must maintain a C or better in each course to earn the certificate.

Application deadlines:

Fall Semester (Last week of August to December) – May 1st

Spring Semester (January to April) – September 1st

Summer Semester (May to August) – January 1st

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  • Turfgrass Culture ORH3222 (4)
  • Introductory Nursery Management ORH3253 (4)
  • Environmental Plant Identification ORH3513 (2)
  • Florida Native Landscape ORH3815C (3)
  • Ornamental Landscape Management ORH4236 (3)
  • Nutritional Management of Nursery Crops ORH4256 (3)
  • Arboriculture ORH4242 (4)
  • Annual and Perennial Gardening ORH4804 (1)
  • Plant Propagation PLS3222 (2)
  • Landscape Plant Establishment ORH4848 (2)
  • Residential Landscape Design LDE3410 (3) or Introduction to Ecosystem Restoration EVR3323 (4)

Prerequisites:  A high school diploma and basic understanding and/or coursework in biology, botany, zoology, chemistry or permission from the department to participate.  Individual course prerequisites also must be met before a student can enroll in any course.

Students obtaining the certificate will have acquired the following knowledge and skills:

  1. Ability to identify the impacts of light, temperature, humidity and the growing environment on plants and sustainable management practices in the greenhouse and/or landscape
  2. Ability to identify ways to reduce inputs (water, fertilizer, chemicals etc) while maintaining high quality ornamentals in the greenhouse and/or landscape
  3. Ability to evaluate and identify sustainable elements in greenhouse production plans and/or landscape plans
  4. Ability to analyze and modify fertilization and irrigation practices in the greenhouse and/or landscape to improve sustainability

Registration Process

  1.  To get started – please complete the application at and click on the non-current student applicant.   Fill in your personal information and under certificates request Environmental Horticulture Management (EHM).  After your application is approved, you will then need to set up a gator account.
  2. Check One.uf often to see what you are missing from your application – often it is the application fee, official transcripts, or copy of driver’s license (
  3. Follow the instructions so that they can create their UF Gatorlink account:


  4. Remove all holds in One.uf and complete departmental registration form


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